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In the framework of the Future Internet Assembly,
the Future Content Networks working group released
its positioning paper about the Future Internet:
'Why do we need a Content-Centric Future Internet?
Proposals towards Content-Centric Internet Architectures'
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Project Abstract

The  predominant  candidate  for  current  trend  of  multimedia  services  convergence  with mobile/fixed networks and broadcast-interactive applications is the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).  IMS  entails  novel  business  opportunities  for  pioneering  and  emerging  multimedia services,  such  as  IPTV  and VoIP  video call  applications. However,  this  strong  commercial interest on  this promising convergent  IMS environment  is  balanced  by  the  lack of efficient user/customer-centric network management mechanisms. ADAMANTIUM proposes an IMS-compatible  Multimedia  Content  Management  System  (MCMS)  focused on  performing dynamic cross layer adaptations for optimization of the user experience in terms of perceptual quality  for IPTV and VoIP services. This multimodal management system will be applied  in an  integrated and coherent way along all  the network  layers and delivery-chain nodes based on a user/customer-centric approach  rather  than a  typical engineering one. Towards  this,  the proposed management system will make use of advanced  IMS-compatible PQoS and NQoS monitoring and adaptation mechanisms across  the network delivery-chain, enhancing  in  this way  the  current  IMS  management functions  by  providing  perceptual  awareness  to  them. ADAMANTIUM MCMS will be  implemented and demonstrated on an actual  IMS platform installed over a UMTS access network, where VoIP-based and  IPTV applications over  IMS services will be provided.


The FP7 ICT ADAMANTIUM project mantains a YouTube channel to assure the correct dissemination of the project concept and results. You can just play the following embedded video showing the ADAMANTIUM concept, or you can visit the ADAMANTIUM channel for more videos.

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