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As an initiative to boost the European leadership on the future networked society, The Future of the Internet conference was held in Bled, Slovenia, on 31 March - 2 April 2008, with the support of the European Commission DG for information society and media.

The most relevant outcomes from The Future of the Internet conference held in Bled are:
  • FIA - European Future Internet Assembly
The Future Internet Assembly was formed on the initiative of the European Commission. It is organized on different working groups, each working on different issues related to the Future Internet, with cross-domain activities.
  • The BLED Declaration
Projects contributing to the Future Internet Assembly have signed a Declaration - a document outlining challenges and objectives of the Assembly.

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ADAMANTIUM activities related to The Future of the Internet:
  • Future Internet Assembly, Valencia 2010
Co-Submission of a paper to the FIA VALENCIA 2010 event, entitled 'Efficient Streaming in Future Internet'.  This paper is based on work performed in the framework of the Media Delivery Platform (MDP) and the projects SEA P2PNext, ADAMANTIUM and Optimix.

This paper has been included in the second book of the Future Internet Assembly: "Towards the Future Internet- Emerging Trends from European Research". Link to Books Online
  • Future Internet Conference, Prague 2009
ADAMANTIUM contribution to the book "Towards the Future Internet- A European Research Perspective" is focused on the chapter entitled 'QoE and *-awareness in the Future Internet'. Link to Books Online

Additionally, ADAMANTIUM contributions for the 3rd FIA Meeting (Prague, 11-13 May 2009) are included in the Future Content Networks (FCN) positioning paperLink to PDF.
  • Future Internet Assembly, Madrid 2008
ADAMANTIUM was represented in the "Future Content Networks" session, leading the "Quality of Experience / User perspective" discussion at the "Content Aware Networks Vision" Panel. The presentation slides - ADAMANTIUM perspective for QoE in the Future Internet: "QoE and *-awareness in the Future Internet: users' perspective"
  • Future Internet Conference, Bled 2008
ADAMANTIUM actively supports the BLED Declaration and its objectives - Towards a European approach to the Future of the Internet. Besides, ADAMANTIUM active participation in the Bled conference workshops was performed in the form of a project poster:   low resolution (550 kB)    medium resolution (2,34 MB)
ADAMANTIUM project, within the activities for supporting the Bled Declaration, successfully organized an INFODay on ''Future of the Internet: New Technologies and Business Opportunities'. The presentation slides and pictures can eb accessed at the specific  INFODay Section.

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