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ADAMANTIUM Measurable Results

For the validation of the proposed ADAMANTIUM solution, a real-world testbed has been developed with full ADAMANTIUM features.

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Under this testbed, several tests have been carried out to validate all the specific ADAMANTIUM monitoring and adaptation features, as well as the integration of all components with the MCMS to make up the proposed real-time intelligent cross-layer adaptation system.

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For the validation of the ADAMANTIUM concept, a small-scale set of tests has been performed in order to capture the subjective assessment of potential users and their reactions to the achieved adaptation capabilities.

Eleven users have taken part in the experiment, with different levels of experience in the area of such mobile multimedia services.

Users are required to access different VoIP and IPTV services under different network conditions. In this service context, their subjective assessments are collected with ADAMANTIUM capabilities disabled and enabled in order to infer the achieved service enhancements.

Two adaptation cases are studied:
  • Warning Alarm. When the user device detects service degradations under a first threshold, a Warning Alarm is sent to the MCMS. The MCMS invokes the process to perform the required cross-domain monitoring functions, and proposes a set of service-level adaptations in order to accommodate the service flows to the experienced network conditions.
  • Red Alarm. When the user device detects severe service degradations, or the degradation remains for over a time period, a Red Alarm is sent to the MCMS. The MCMS performs the required cross-domain adaptations, including network adaptations in the required network segment.

In both cases, users are asked to evaluate the service experience from two standpoints: the experienced multimedia quality after the adaptation is performed and response time that the adaptation takes to be finished.

ADAMANTIUM validation results:

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