Overall strategy

The objectives of this project are worked out in a certain number of logical phases:
  • Collection of the system requirements
  • Definition of the overall system architecture
  • Definition and specifications of systems and modules to be developed and used
  • Definition of services to be used for demonstration and for evaluation performance
  • Operator and client site component development
  • System implementation and integration
  • Integration of systems and services
  • Field tests, validation and evaluation
  • Standardisation activities
  • Dissemination and exploitation plans
These phases are organizaed in six Work Packages (WP):
  • WP1 - Project Management
  • WP2 - System Architecture Definition and Specification
  • WP3 - IMS-based MCMS Modules and Services Development
  • WP4 - PQoS Models and Adaptation Mechanisms
  • WP5 - Integration of Systems, Components and Services, Field Trials and Evaluation
  • WP6 - Dissemination, Standardisation and Business plan

Timing of Work Packages

Gantt chart of ADAMANTIUM project:

ADAMANTIUM Gantt chart

Mutual relationships between ADAMANTIUM Work Packages and Tasks

Pert diagram of ADAMANTIUM project (click to enlarge):


Partner Roles in ADAMANTIUM

ADAMANTIUM Partner Roles

Project Overview



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