List of Participants

No Name Short Name CountryDate enter projectDate exit project
1 NCSR Demokritos
DEM GreeceM1M30
2 University of the Basque Country
EHU SpainM1M30
3 University of Plymouth
UOP United KingdomM1M30
4 Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
RS GermanyM1M30
5 Thomson Grass Valley France
TGV FranceM1M20
6 Vodafone Panafon Hellenic Telecommunications Company S.A.
VOD GreeceM1M30
7 Ericsson
ERC SpainM1M30
8 Viotech Communications
VIO FranceM1M30
9Thomson Telecom

Consortium as a whole

The ADAMANTIUM consortium is a group with complementary knowledge and expertise in areas required to achieve the targeted goal.

The consortium consists of:
  • Service/application providers (TGV, VIO)
  • (Mobile) network operators (VOD)
  • Mobile system supplier (ERC)
  • Test/measurement equipment manufacturer (RS)
  • Telecommunications equipment manufacturer (VIO)
  • Research center (DEM)
  • Universities (EHU, UOP)
Three partners from universities and research center (EHU, UOP and DEM) have strong expertise, considerable reputation and track record in the area of Perceived Quality of Service (PQoS) models and adaptation/control mechanisms for VoIP and IPTV applications over IP and mobile networks.

The involvement of industrial/commercial partners will ensure rapid exploitation of the project results.
  • The MCMS system to be developed can be efficiently integrated into the IMS system which ERC (Ericsson) and TGV (Thomson) will have a lead
  • The PQoS-aware voice/video terminals can be exploited into future mobile voice/video terminals by VOD (Vodafone) and/or ERC (Ericsson)
  • The enhanced VoIP and IPTV services/applications will be exploited by TGV (Thomson) and VIO (Viotech Comm.)
  • The PQoS models can be integrated into test/measurement tools which will enhance current QoS test/measurement tools developed by RS (Rohde & Schwarz)

The main roles of partners is shown in the next figure (click to enlarge):


Project Overview



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