This section will include all the source code developed within the ADAMANTIUM project, along with the related documentation.

ADAMANTIUM PQoS-aware IMS Communicator

The VoIP soft phone is a program that is able of making and receiving voice/video calls while making use of a computer's microphone and speakers, or an attached headset. The PQoS aware and IMS compatible VoIP soft phone is an enhanced VoIP soft phone which monitors and adapts VoIP voice and video quality at real time over the IMS platform.

Open source IMS-Communicator is used as the VoIP soft phone.  It is implemented on top of the JAIN-SIP stack and the Java Media Framework API. It is used with Open IMS Core.

The IMS-Communicator standard and specification features were described in D3.3i.

Source Code:
PQoS-Aware-ims-communicator-26-01-2010.tar.bz2 (16.8 MB)

PQoS aware IMS-Communicator JavaDoc (online)

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